mini spot sharing

With the ios version of skatecreteordie you have the ability to easily share the geocoordinates of your current location, should you stumble upon a nice mini spot you’d like to share with your friends. In the map view, simply tap the red pin button in the lower left hand corner.  When you do, the text […]

v1.3.0 released 5/20/2016

+added some bar button images +red pin button in map view updates your current location, and copies it to the clipboard for saving geocodes of your favorite mini spots, and sharing them in the group chat, iMessage, apple and/or google maps applications etc.. +details view scrolls to the top of park data information by default. […]

skatecreteordie released

released: 4/20/2016 states: Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho park builders/designers: grindline, dreamland, newline, wally hollyday, etc. (i will get to an exhaustive list someday). research materials credits grindline dreamland newline concrete disciples