skatepark locator map for iOS – iPhone and iPad version 8.0 +

tap a pin to see the skatepark name and address.

then tap the details button in the bottom tab bar to see additional information and photos.

photos can be zoomed and panned. tap the photo to download and view the next photo. each park has at least 2 photos.

use apple maps to get directions.

this app can be run without an internet connection; however, photos and parks added after any skatecreteordie app upgrades will not appear, unless they have been downloaded beforehand.

not every skatepark is shown on this map. only concrete parks. the only exception are wood ramp parks that are covered and have lights. parks will be added until there are no more to be added.


skatecreteordie pin location button
pin location button

started work on mini-spot submission

details scroll to top
skatecreteordie audio player
audio player



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