v1.4.0 released – mini spot sharing

skatecreteordie v1.4.0 – the best skatecreteordie yet to use to share spots.

Open Map View

Tap Red Pin button in lower left hand corner of view to detect your real-time, current geocoordinates.

Watch for geocoordinate numbers to change as in indication the button was tapped, and your phone is capable of locating you. It will look something like:

sk8creteordie screenshot
sk8creteordie spot coordinate sharing

At this point skatecreteordie has copied your geocoordinates to your iphone clipboard for you.

Paste them in an instagram message and tag @skatecreteordie with a photo, text them to your friend, post them in the skatecreteordie chat, or post them on the skatecreteordie facebook page to get it added to the map (pending review… not tryin’ to blow out low key spots):

sk8creteordie screenshot
sharing spot coordinates in the skatecreteordie chat view

Then you or your friend can paste the coordinates in Google Maps to locate the spot.

google maps geocoordinate search
google maps geocoordinate search

If your button has issues, you will see geocoordinates that read

  • “–.–,–.– unknown” –

    • check your cell data connection or wifi connection. also check that your wifi connection is authenticated, if necessary (wifi key or public wifi login).

  • “–.–,–.– not authorized” –

    • go to settings -> privacy -> location services, and make sure it’s both enabled, and that skatecreteordie has the “while using the app” permission

  • “–.–,–.– see error log” –

    • this means you found some other issue that i haven’t run into yet. please tell me about it sometime.

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